Collection: Trees

We carry a limited selection of Band B trees that will expand substantially this Fall.   We have 2" and 3" shade trees , a small selection of hollies,and Serviceberry, Sweetbays and Ligustrum

Our container trees are a good selection of 15 gallon and 30 gallon Evergreens, along with Crepe Myrtles and a few shade trees.

You need to stop by and see these for yourself!


30 Gallon Little Gem Magnolia

15 Gallon Little Gem Magnolia

Weeping Willow

Cedar Sou Red


Nuttal Oak 2.5"

Nuttal Oak

Crepe Myrtle

Red Maple

Nellie R Stevens

Willow Oak

Pink Heartbreaker Redbud

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry