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Thuja Green Giant

Thuja Green Giant

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When you need a large screen or wind-break, Thuja Green Giant is the perfect choice, with its exceptional rate of growth, its toughness under all conditions and the speed with which it easily reaches full-size in a short time. It is always a perfect rich green and so beautiful it has to be the number-one choice for a large hedge.

  • Extremely fast growth-rate – 3 to 5 feet a year
  • Quickly forms a large privacy screen or wind-break
  • Green and attractive all year round
  • Deer-resistant
  • Grows in all soils and all conditions

This Arborvitae is pest and disease free and best of all, deer won’t touch it – making this the perfect hedge for country homes. Clipped into the densest and greenest hedge you have ever seen, or left to grow naturally into a broad, upright barrier, either way you will love the privacy and protection this plant will give, at any height from a few feet to 30 feet or more. Order now for the best large hedging plants you can grow.

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